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"The bike is perfect. My grandson is on the autistic spectrum, so, he has always rode is tricycle the "flintstone" way. This will allow him to learn to balance before going to the next step, peddling. Thanks, again!"
Wendi Hudson - Deseronto, ON

"Our daughter loves her bike and can't wait for the spring to come! It's still a bit too big for her even with the lowering kit, but hopefully she'll grow a bit over the next few months. We'll most likely be placing an order for the basket and a bell (which she is insisting she must have). Thanks for the follow-up!"
Kristen & Chris Oleshko - Estevan, SK

"Thank you so much! We picked it up from the post office. The bike is perfect. Amazing quality! Beautiful blue colour!"
Marina Faulkner - Calgary, QB

"We received the bike in good condition via Canada Post. However it did take over 2 weeks in transit which was a concern because it was a birthday gift. The bike itself though was great and loved. I would buy from you again."
Stu Wood - Quesnel, BC

"I purchased this bike for my three year old grandson and he loves it! His parents were very pleased with it as well. Thank you."
Rita Duncan - Spruce Grove, AB

"I am very satisfied with the order process, timeliness of delivery and overall experience. In addition, my 2 ½ year old son loves his bike, even though he can’t quite ride it properly yet. Best regards."
Louis-Pierre Gravelle - Mount Royal, QC

"The bike is great. My son struggled to learn how to balance for the first 20 minute session. The next time out he caught on within 10 minutes. He is 3 years old. Thanks."
Glen Emery - Komoka, ON

"We love it.Thank you."
Flory Croitoru - Markham, ON

"The bike is great,my son loves it. We have received a lot of complements on the bike, and have told several people where we ordered it from. Thanks."
Chris Larson - Prince Albert, SK

"The service was outstanding. My grandson hasn't warmed up to the product yet. I think he is a littletoo young. I know once he does that he will take off with it."
Gary Thornton - Brampton, ON

"Hi Phil, so far so good. My little two year old (as of January 2014) grandson is loving it so far. We have had an extended winter here in Eastern Ontario so he has only had a month or so to practice and is still walking the bike rather than gliding on it, but he is getting the hang of it more every day. And he loves showing it to the neighbours. Cheers."
Elizabeth McMenemy - Ajax, ON

"Thank you . The balance bikes were shipped very quickly and the product was of great quality. I have 2 very happy grandsons who are enjoying learning to ride. Thanks again."
Dave Harder - Olds, AB

"We received all of the bikes, and are very happy with them. We would definitely order from you again:) Thanks."
Crystal Silgard - Leduc, AB

"Thank you for following up. Delivery was perfectly timed, putting the bike together was so simple and my little boy loves it! No complaints about this product from me, only wish I had known about it sooner :) Thanks Again!"
Melissa Best - Dartmouth, NS

"We wish to inform you that we are very pleased with the balance bike we purchased. It was a present for our grand daughter and she too is very impressed. The quality is first grade and the shipping and packaging also 1st. class. Service also great. Thanks again for putting out such a great product."
The Hagels - Salmon Arm, BC

"We are extremely satisfied with the Kazam balance bike! Our little guy is still to young to actually ride it on his own, but we are very happy with the product and can't wait for him to try it outside this Spring. Thanks for your service and follow up!"
Candice Einarson - Winnipeg, MB

"Hello, yes we are very satisfied with the balance bike. Our grandchildren liked them and tried them out Christmas morning, now tucked away untill spring time. They will enjoy them once the weather is great. Thank you!"
Don, Jan Fooks - Drumheller, AB

"Everything was perfect and the delivery was fast. Thank you."
Debbie Rainaldi - Hinton, AB

"The daycare children are enjoying the balance bike; it's the Perfect size for the 3 & 4 yr olds. Thanks for the interest."
Sharon Hong - Vancouver, BC

"The 2 balance bikes that we purchased are great. The kids love them and can’t get enough of them. I would definitely recommend the bikes to anyone, not to mention all the people that have stopped us and asked about them. The prompt delivery from you company was also great. Thanks for your inquiry."
Stan Szymanski - Oshawa, ON

"Our kids adore the bikes- they are Super! The only problem with them is that the rubber handles keep sliding off of the handle bars. My husband recently glued them on, which seems to have resolved that issue. The kids are getting great at whipping along and putting their feet up."
Christen Bennett - Ottawa, ON

"Well, we ordered the larger balance bike for our 6 year old twins and 5 year old son to encourage them to give up their training wheels. Assembly was a breeze and everything was as ordered. Since we only purchased one bike, each of our kiddos spent a couple of hours taking turns riding up and down our sidewalk and down a very gentle grassy hill in the field nearby. By the end of the afternoon, my son was tired of waiting for his turn and decided he could ride his own bike (without training wheels) while he was waiting. As soon as he was successful, his sisters caught on and followed suit. After two days, without any help or direction from us, all three were successfully riding their bikes without training wheels and now we enjoy biking together as a family in our neighbourhood. So the balance bike saved the summer :), but sadly we only used it for a couple of days (it works too well!). Now we are loaning out our nearly new balance bike to friends and relatives who are in a similar situation with their children. Thanks for an excellent product!"
The Korsch family - Kitchener, ON

"We are very pleased with our purchase. Our daughter was close to riding her bike without the aid of training wheels but just couldn't seem to get the hang of it. After only two nights using your bike she got her balance and was able to ride what she refereed to as her "tippy, toppy" bike without any difficulty. We look forward to our son getting a lot of use from the same balance bike when he is a bit older and have been telling our friends and family just how pleased we have been. I have no doubt that he will learn without the aid of training wheels are am excited to see him give it a try. A great product for sure!"
A.M. - Toronto, ON

"My son loves his firstbike and I think it may be the single best thing I've ever bought him. I've since recommended the bike and your website to quite a few other parents. I was very impressed by the service and speed of delivery."
Jarett McKay - Toronto, ON

"Bike is good. Kids love it. Super light so the kids can move it around easily."
Stephen Edwards - Rocky Mo8ntain House, AB

"My nephew only just turned 2, so i think he'll appreciate it more as time goes by - he lives in the kootenays so can't ride in winter, but next summer should be great - the best is yet to come."
Jenny Francis - North Vancouver, BC

"I ordered two bikes from you - one for a granddaughter in Canada and another for one in the U.S. Both bikes arrived promptly, were in perfect condition and the kids are really enjoying them. Thank you so much."
Lynda Minarzick - Oshawa, ON

"Bike is great my 18 month old loves it"
Kris Courtney - Lumsden, SK

"My daughter wore out the fronts of 2 pairs of shoes the first week we got the balance bike. She is a risk taker and likes to go down hills on it in the school yard...the shoes are her brakes. Last Saturday she asked if she could ride her bike and went on her 2 wheeler instead. The balance bike is now being passed on to her sister. We are extremely happy! Thank you!"
Paul Dewar - London, ON

"Very happy with the balance bike, Easy to put together and my son has no problem using it. It is also lighter then I expected which makes it easy to bring everywhere. The only thing that I have noticed is that the bike seems very very small for my son even though I followed the measurement guidelines. I think I should have gotten him the bigger glider. We are definitely satisfied with the bike!"
C.W. - Westmount, QC

"Hi, yes I received the bike and I'm very happy with it. The shipping was very fast and customer service excellent. The only inconvenience is that you don't carry any parts for it, but I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me what I needed. Thank you."
Era Koson - Ajax, ON

"We are very happy specially my daughter. Thank you."
Richard Pathy - Sherwood Park, AB

"We were very pleased with your quick service and shipping as well as your willingness to help with my product inquiries. As for the bike, my daughter is slowly warming up to it... She's the "very cautious" personality type... So she hasn't quite used it as a "glide" bike but actually more as a "walk" bike. I personally love the bike, but I guess my opinion doesn't really matter since I am not the one that gets to ride it...Thanks for the follow up."
Maria Castillo - Mississauga, ON

"My 5 year old daughter loved her balance bike. She rode it for a couple of weeks and went on to ride a pedal bike without a second thought. We're thrilled she learned so quickly."
Catherine Critchlow - St Bruno, QC

"Our son has taken two rides with his bike so far, and that is because we have only had two non-rainy days. In fact, he wanted to go out every day, despite the downpour. Needless to say, he loves it! Even after just two bike rides, we have noticed a huge improvement in his riding capability. Thank you for the great product and good service."
Alain and Natalie - Moncton, NB

"We got the balance bikes and the kids love them. They are absolutely the favorite toys."
Michele Demarcke - Winnipeg, MB

"Thanks for touching base. My son loves it!! it really helped – so impressed."
Manuela Delicata-Mendoza - Woodbridge, ON

"We cannot say how happy we are with the bike. At first we had some buyers remorse because let's be honest it seems a bit crazy to spend $150 on a small bike (without pedals) for a 16 month old. But he is now 22 months old and you should see him go! I have full confidence he could be pedalling this summer. I looked up how to train him to use it and everyone said he would learn how before I even could learn how to teach him. So true! He picked it up so quick and I am amazed at his balance and confidence. On top of the biking aspect we love how light the bike is. If our son is tired he will just get off and carry the bike home ( again he is 22 months old ) Thank you so much Strider my whole family is sold."
Tristan Noordhof - Lacombe, AB

"My son loves his new balance bike. We had a wood one before but he out grew it so it's prefect that the Kazam bike is adjustable. We plan to keep it for our daughter to use in a couple years. Shipping was nice and fast and I have already recommended you to others. Thanks so much."
Jamie Jacobson - Calgary, AB

"Bike is great! Shipping/customer service was great. Only thing -- perhaps a follow up from you folks with a tracking number would help ease some anxiety on the purchaser's part... The Kazaam is perfect - the footrest rules! Made my daughter (just turned 4 years old) lift her feet and forced her to learn to balance."
Chris Beingessner - Regina, SK

"We did receive the bike , we are happy with your service quick and effecient! Thanks."
Chatnal Larson - Catham, ON

"I received it and the product is wonderful!! My 3 yr old loves it! Your service was excellent and it was easy to order online! Thank you very much!"
Crystal Moe - Blackfalds, AB

"Hi, Thank you so much for the bike it is perfect. I cannot believe how fast it was shipped and I recieved it the next day. I will definitely be ordering from you guys again. Thanks so much."
Jocelyn Coles - Mississauga, ON

"We received the bike in good time. It was easy to put together. It was purchased for an 8 yr old boy with Down’s Syndrome. He loves it and we are hoping he will learn to balance and glide on his own. It will take some time and practice. Thanks. It was exactly what we were looking for."
Ivy Uttaro - La Crete, AB

"So far so good. Your customer service is second to none. Shipping and delivery was super fast. Assembly was no problem. The little guy is just getting used to the bike and since its winter he hasn't been outside with it and really hasn't utilized it yet. I would suggest and recommend your company to anyone who is looking for a balance bike for their child. "
Marsha Goodyear - Little Catalina, NL

"Thank you for the request feedback. I was very happy of the service, delivery and the Glider. The face of our little one was just perfect. He was delighted and almost cried of joy. We are from Calgary and have seen those Gliders here for some time. This was given to our nephew in Montreal; this was something new for all our family to see. They all think (as we do) that it is a great way to practice his balance and not use the old small wheels that most people usually add to the back of their kids’ bike."
Dominique Boudreau - Sherbrooke, QC

"We received the bike in just a few days--what a great Christmas gift--our granddaughter is only one but will be enjoying it soon. Her big brother has the same bike--I just wish our vehicle got as many miles without maintenance. Thanks for the great service."
Terry Brown - Fruitvale, BC

"Thank you for sending me those Balance Bikes for my Grand children .Your service was absolutely amazing and we thank you for that. I gave the bikes to my sons twins for Christmas.
Annchen Bodenstab - Tisdale, SK

"Love the bike, our daughter is very confident happy with it. We would recommend them for all toddlers."
Marlene Smith - Burnaby, BC

"We gave the balance bike to our 2 year old nephew as a Christmas/Birthday present. He was pretty excited to get on it. He hasn't been out on the sidewalk with the bike yet because it is winter, but we are excited for spring and to see him get out on the bike. He goes to a play group that has bikes and trikes and a large gymnasium to use them in, so he knew exactly what to do with it. By the time spring rolls around he'll be a better age to use the bike also. The bike was quite easy to assemble and so far so good."
Elaine Horne - Halifax, NS

"Great service and great product. Would recommend your company. Many Thanks."
Jackie Schadt - Mahalat, BC

"We absolutely love the balance bike! Our sons both can not get enough of it! This is a great product, we have already suggested it to all our friends with small children."
Steve White - Thorndale, ON

"Our 2 year old daughter loves her bike! She's still a little small to go fast on it but enjoyed walking it all over the yard this summer. These bikes are definitely great for any child learning to ride a bike no matter how old they are."
Ami Fillion - Prince George, BC

"Our son loves the balance bike that we ordered. He has learned how to balance very well and will be ready for a bike with pedals next spring. He is only four so improving balance at that age is great! I see the transition moving much smoother than having had him on a bike with training wheels. The balance bike allowed him to be more independent on a bike much faster than a traditional bike. I tell every parent I know about the benefits of this type of bike. We are very satisfied customers."
Shannon Chernick - Regina, SK

"In no time at all (and without the grief that came along with teaching my daughter to ride a bike) my son was able to grasp the concept of balance on a bike. After 2 weeks and minimal sessions, he moved on to a pedal bike. My sister borrowed the balance bike for her sons but has yet to put it to use. Thank you for providing this product. It's worth the price and then some."
Stéfanie Archambault - Saint-Basile-le-Grand, QC

"Yes we are very please with the balance bike purchased for our daughter. She loves it and is growing more confident on it throughout the fall. She still tries to ride in our garage currently. Service was awesome as we had the seat come damaged to us during shipping. All it took was for a simple email with some photos and the reply I received was that a new set had been shipped out. Very happy with the results of that and our purchase. Thanks."
Kris Solbak - Fort McMurray, AB

"My grandson Drake absolutely loves his bike! He learned how to use it so fast and now he heads down steep hills with his dad ( with his helmet and knee pads ) Next year I'll get him a regular bike but his balance bike was the perfect transitional bike to build his confidence and love of biking. He is only three years old and he has the feel of freedom and independence from his bike."
Cheryl Snowdon - Toronto, ON

"Great service, great bikes, kids love them!"
J.K. - Kingston, ON

"Our daughter mastered the bike in a few short days and loves pointing out to everyone that her bike has no pedals. She could probably start on a pedal bike now, but we'll probably keep her on the Kazaam as she's speedy enough to keep up with us on family rides. So, we are very glad we skipped the tricycle!"
Melissa McEwen - La Crete, AB

"I bought a balance bike for my niece and she loves it. I was very happy with the product and the delivery time! I placed the order on-line as I live in Burnaby BC and the product that was delivered looked exactly as it did in the picture on-line! I would highly recommend your company and products to others. Thank you for the follow up email."
Maria Humble - Burnaby, BC

"I put the bike together with my 3 year grandson. He was thrilled that he helped Grandpa put the bike together. He first tried to ride the bike by sitting on the foot rest; this was quite funny. My grandson loves the bike. Thanks for the fast delivery. I will recommend this bike and your company to others."
Al Beghin - Winnipeg, MB

"Great product, easy assembly, very happy with the final product. Service was prompt, we look forward to using it for years to come."
Wade Noiles - Port Williams, NS

"Our son loves the bike. We were able to transport it back to Bangkok where we live fairly easily in suitcase and he uses it every day. Lots of friends are asking about it here bc nothing like it is available. Thanks for follow-up."
Manuela Beeckmans - Bangkok, Thailand

"Thank you for the follow up. We have been very satisfied with both the product and service!"
Daryll Williams - Cumberland, BC

"Delivery was fast, and the bike arrived in perfect condition! The only thing with this bike is that it is a bit on the heavy side. I have a hard time carrying it when my daughter is too tired to ride it -- heavy in comparison to the Strider bikes. And heavy in terms of my daughter picking it up off the ground if she tips over. But I like the larger size of the Kazam bike, this will last my daughter longer than the Strider. It was the right choice for us. And the pneumatic tires is more like a real bike, than the foam tires of the Strider. Again, this is a good feature of the Kazam. Thank you for your excellent service."
Marlene Wou - Port Coquitlam, BC

"The balance bike has been a tremendous hit! Our three year old is out on her bike ALL the time, she flies down the street balancing all the way! It has really helped her feel like a "big girl" now that she has a two-wheeler just like her big sisters. Cheers."
Zoe - Brooklin, ON

"The bike was fantastic for teaching my son how to ride. Within two weeks he had his balance down and was even trying little stunts with it. My son is 6 years old and the bike for his height didn't come with the fold back peddles like the older kids model has. The down side was that after two weeks we then had to purchase another bike, I would definitely recommend the glider to others but if I could suggest maybe having the model with the fold back peddles for younger kids as well. Thanks."
Karen Bedford - Toronto, ON

"Boothe started riding the balance bike right away in the spring, he had just turned 2. Before the end of summer he was riding a two wheeler all by himself.... He still likes the Kazam as it lets him have a little freedom without the pedals in the way. He was able to go very fast and every kid in the neighbourhood wanted to try it out. We will use the Kazam for years to come! Love it, love it, love it!"
MaRee Poirier - Raymond, BC

"We have loved it! It's so much easier and more fun than a peddle bike."
Kelly Sinclair - Calgary, AB

"I am very pleased with my purchase. The bike was for my son who has autism and motor planning problems. I am happy to say that he can now glide well on the bike. He is even brave enough to go down hills on it! I think the balance bike has given him a foundation of skills that he will use in the future when he graduates to a pedal bike with no training wheels. He loves riding it! It was definitely a great purchase. Many thanks."
Lori Byvelds - Brinston, ON

"Love the bike. Shipped quickly, easy to assemble. we watched a video online on how to adjust the seat height correctly for our little guy. Added a bell and a zip up basket from walmart. it took a couple weeks for our 3 year old to get but now he is a pro! Hard to keep up to him at times!! Looked at a few other balance bikes and picked this one because of the hand brake - very please with that decision. Lots of people are surprised that such a little guy can ride a 2-wheeler but we are quick to point out that it is a balance bike! Would recommend to anyone!"
Doug Nelson - Norquay, SK

"Great product! We bought it for our 3 year old. Our 6 year old was already on a peddle bike but was having trouble without the training wheels, to the point where he had lost interest in even trying. After only a few days playing around on the balance bike he decided to give his peddle bike another chance (mainly because our 3 year old was wanting his new bike back). He took off on the peddle bike like nothing and no longer had any problems. I didn't have to hold his seat or anything. He went from falling over every 3 feet to riding like he had been doing it for ages. I recommend the balance bike to everyone. It made learning to ride so natural and easy. Thanks."
Doug Humphreys - Winnipeg, MB

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