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A balance bike is a training bike that helps kids learn to balance and steer a bike safely. Balance bikes do not have pedals, crank set, and chain or training wheels. Glide Bikes are built for small children and special needs kids who are ready to learn how to ride a bike. Glide bikes utilize Downhill mountain bike geometry to achieve a very low speed balance point of less than 2mph and are light weight 8lbs for the Mini Glider and 10 for the Go Glider.

Balance bikes are small enough so children can walk the bicycle while sitting comfortably with both feet on the ground. Children learn by walking the glide bike sitting on the seat. In time, children become comfortable enough to run and “glide” while riding the bicycle and are able to lift their feet off the ground and balance on two wheels. Kids as early as 24 months can learn to glide a balance bike with practice.

Innovative design is the hallmark for the Glide Bikes™ product line. From the very first balance bike prototype, Glide Bikes has incorporated the latest technology and geometry to produce bikes of superior quality, construction and design. That commitment to innovation continues with the latest bike models in development and the Glide Bikes brand looks forward to expanding its product offerings to give riders of all ages bikes that are enjoyable to ride, relevant to their lifestyles, and built to last.

A balance bike can make the perfect gift for any toddler, boy or girl, aged around 2 years to 6 years old. Kiddimoto wooden bikes are made from natural birch plywood and are both very safe and fun. Our ride on bikes come in different ranges and colours to suit any toddler - red, blue, pink, yellow and more.

Balance bikes are also called Ride On or Pedal-less bikes and are designed to be used by very young children. The child sits on the bike and moves by pushing along the ground with their feet. A balance bike does not have pedals or stabilisers, so children learn to balance and steer very quickly. At first, they ride with at least one foot firmly on the floor. As they become more confident, they'll start to lift both feet off the ground, scooting forward and balancing and occasionally dabbing a foot to the floor when the bike leans over. Soon they'll be balancing, learning and playing all at once. All the time, they are developing their motor skills and coordination, while having terrific fun.

The Strider™ PREbike teaches children balance and coordination in a secure learning situation. The bike's low seating allows children to place both feet firmly on the ground, providing them confidence and control. The Strider™'s light weight adds to this feeling of control. Because kids feel secure, their natural curiosity kicks in and they quickly learn to steer and to balance. They are not afraid, but enthusiastic and eager to try new skills and to push themselves.

With the Strider™ there are no "trike tip-overs" or "training-wheel wobbles" to create fear, hesitancy, or rejection of biking. Remember your first training-wheeled bicycle? The bike wobbled from side to side and you were so high up that you couldn't touch the ground. It was terrifying. With the Strider™ PREbike the need for tricycles or training wheels is completely eliminated, along with the accompanying fear factor. The Strider™ is the only vehicle you will ever need to teach your child or grandchild how to ride a bike and to instil in him or her, a deep love of biking.

The Skuut is a wooden bike for children ages 2 - 5. It has no pedals and no training wheels. Children kick off the ground as if running, thus pushing or "skuut-ing" themselves and the bike forward. The Skuut is perfect for learning balance, steering, coordination and independence. Having mastered balance on the Skuut, the transition to a traditional two wheeler bike is easy.

Skip the training wheels and teach kids to balance first using the award-winning KaZAM balance bike! KaZAM is the only run bike on the market uniquely designed with a foot rest. Children lift their feet up naturally and position them on to the foot rest maintaining proper balance and center of gravity similar to riding a traditional bicycle. It is the most realistic approach to learning coordination and balance; and ultimately teaching kids how to ride a pedaled bike.

FirstBIKE is the perfect training bike for developing your child's sense of balance, motor skills, and self-confidence. Unparalleled features make learning and exercise safe and fun. Injection-molded composite frames, Sealed bearings, Steering limiters, and rear drum brakes on most models.

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