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Explore freedom on two wheels with Strider Bikes!

Welcome to our dedicated universe, where adventure and learning begin from the first steps.

More than just a kids bike, Strider Bikes are travel companions paving the way to confidence, exploration and fun on two wheels.

Dive into our selection designed to support every stage of your child's journey, with particular attention to safety, quality and learning.

Strider Bikes, without pedals, promote the natural development of balance skills, creating a solid foundation for future cycling adventures.

Every moment on a Strider Bike is an opportunity to grow and flourish. Whether your child is taking their first steps into the world of cycling or looking to perfect their skills, each model provides an invaluable learning experience.

Explore our menu with enthusiasm, each model representing a step towards discovery, autonomy and confidence.

Welcome to the world of Strider Bikes, where the magic of learning comes alive with every movement!

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