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Strider Bike 12" Rocking Base

Strider Bike 12" Rocking Base

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Strider Bike 12" Rocking Base

Get ready to rock your little explorer's world with the 12" Strider Cradle – the accessory that turns crawlers into budding cyclists before they even take their first step. Because who says we had to wait for the step to start rolling?

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Learn to Rock a Strider Rocking Base (PDF 9.29mb)

Imagine this: your 12" Strider, this champion of balance, meets the Cradle for 12" Strider and it's as if they start dancing on an invisible ballroom. It's like your bike is saying, "Ready for adventure? Let's go!"

Why wait until little legs can walk when they can already crawl to love the Strider bike? It's as if creepers are actually budding little adventurers, ready to take on the world in their own unique way.

Attach the Strider Rocker Base to a 12" Strider Balance Bike, and voila, it's like putting your budding rider on the runway. The child not only rocks to the joy of the bike, but also towards developing balance, spatial awareness and even core strength - it's like a secret gym for toddlers.

Ready to turn playtime into a joyful rocking session? The Cradle for 12" Strider offers pure rocking pleasure, as if each back and forth motion were a reverence to the art of balance.

So, are you ready to step into the realm of adventure right from the start? Discover the Cradle for Strider 12" and get ready for unforgettable rocking moments. Because, let's be honest, why wait for babies to start walking to rock them into the world of two wheels?

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