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Strider Bike 12" Ski Package

Strider Bike 12" Ski Package

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Strider Bike 12" Ski Package

Ready to transform your 12" Strider into a champion of the snowy slopes? Discover the accessory that will have your child sliding towards epic winter adventures: the 12" Strider Ski Set. Because even in winter, two-wheeled fun never stops!

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Picture this: your 12" Strider, touring wonder, meets the 12" Strider Ski Set and it's like they're in a winter action movie. It's like your bike saying, "Ready to glide to winter glory?".

Want to give your 12" Strider a new set to shine on the snow? The 12" Strider Ski Set is here to turn every icy road into a runway. And guess what? Installation is easier than counting the snowflakes falling from the sky.

Imagine hurtling down the slopes with your child, gliding like a Toddler Olympic Champion. It's as if the Strider is disguised as a real snow sled, ready to make the neighbors jealous.

And the best part? Not only are you giving your child an unforgettable winter adventure, you're still growing in style. Because, let's be honest, the Strider 12" Ski Suit is like the special winter suit for your bike – an epic way to stay warm while still dominating the icy streets.

So, are you ready to slip into a new dimension of winter fun? Check out the Strider 12" Ski Set and get ready for some legendary descents. Because, let's be honest, even bikes get their dose of snowy adventure – especially when they have skis for that!

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