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Balance Bike Strider Canada 14X Edition

Balance Bike Strider Canada 14X Edition

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The #1 choice for balance bikes in Canada, Strider Bike 14X Edition

Discover the Strider Vélo Edition 14X Sport: the sensational balance bike that opens the doors to adventure for your children aged 3 to 7. Get ready for a cycling experience that will propel your little explorers to new horizons of confidence and freedom.

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Learn to Ride a Strider 14X (PDF 19.6mb)

Imagine a world where children around the globe learn to ride the 14X Sport, creating a symphony of laughter and smiles at every turn. It's as if they discovered a new dimension of the universe, with surges of confidence and freedom that they did not even suspect.

And guess what? Parents, sit down, because this is important: watching your little stuntman grow and develop at breakneck speed is as cool as enjoying an ice cream on a hot summer day. Yes, it really is as cool as it sounds!

The Strider Bike 14X Sport Edition is a balancing act. It begins life as a balance bike, providing a safe platform for beginners who have never stepped on the pedals of a bicycle. Imagine confidence growing with every move, as little ones learn the intricacies of balance.

But wait, the magic continues: once your budding rider is ready to pedal, simply attach the separately sold Easy-Ride and VOILÁ Pedal Installation Kit! You will witness a transformation worthy of Hollywood movies. The Strider Bike 14X Sport Edition turns into a pedal bike, all without tricks or special effects!

For those who think change is key, the bottom bracket assembly is available separately (yes, now's the time to use your assembly skills, like building a spaceship).

Imagine owning the most customizable, adjustable, and simply amazing bike in the cosmos. The Strider Bike Edition 14X Sport is more than just a balance bike: with its 14" tires equipped with inner tubes, it embodies the pinnacle of performance and innovation.

Ideal for preschoolers taking their first steps on a balance bike, and then ready to take the giant leap to a real pedal bike.

Let us dazzle you even more: the Strider Bike 14X Sport Edition comes in 4 dazzling color choices. Because if you could choose one color for your adventure, why would it be limited to just one?

Ready to experience the cycling revolution with your young prodigies? The Strider Bike 14X Sport Edition is here to create memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Add the Strider Bike Edition 14X to your cart today and give your kids a limitless adventure.

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