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Balance Bike Strider Canada Sport Edition

Balance Bike Strider Canada Sport Edition

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The #1 choice for balance bikes in Canada, Strider Bike Sport Edition

Discover the creme de la creme of bikes for mini adventurers: the Strider Bike Sport Edition. This revolutionary balance bike, designed for children aged 18 months to 5 years, is more than just a toy – it's the stepping stone to unparalleled self-confidence and coordination.

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Number plate at 50% off on the purchase of the Strider Bike Sport.

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Learn to Stride a Strider 12" (PDF 15.91mb)

And speaking of choice, brace yourself: the Strider Bike Sport Edition is now available in a dazzling array of 8 dazzling colors. From the black Strider, mysterious as the cosmos, to the pink Strider that would make a flamingo blush, through the green Strider "better than nature", we even have the orange Strider that defies all chromatic logic. Ah, and we've added a touch of sophistication with the all-new matte gray Strider. Yes, we have more colors than the rainbow has bows!

The STRIDER 12" Sport model is a real star. Imagine it like a racing car, but without the pedals. It's the pinnacle of performance, design and quality – a true evolution resulting from more than 10 years constant improvement by our geniuses in white coats.

Of course, this racing beast is a pro parent in the art of balance, just like its Classic brother, with one small difference: it has smaller handles, because even champions grow. But that's not all ! We've added a cuddly little chin pad, roomier foot pegs (toe nirvana!), and a quick-release bench and handlebar so your little rider can get on and off like the wind.

And to top it all off, the seat is as plush as a cloud and comes with an interchangeable bench post – for when your young explorer feels bigger. And yes, there are also Special Edition stickers, because customizing your car is the ultimate in coolness.

Now the crucial question: Strider Classic, Strider Bike Sport Edition or Strider Special Edition? For the titans match, take a look at our comparison image below.

Add the Strider Sport Edition Bike to your cart today and give your kids a limitless adventure.

Don't forget our 30-day Satisfaction Policy.

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