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Strider bike - Balance Bike

Strider bike - Balance Bike

Strider Bike, the Cream of Balance Bikes!!

The Strider bike is a learning bike without pedals. The 12" size Strider bike was introduced in the 2010s. At its core, the Strider bike was designed to help young children develop their balance before learning to pedal. Learning to pedal is proven to can take 10 minutes for one child and learning balance can take up to 5 years for others.

Its unique design, light weight, and durability make the Strider the #1 choice of balance bikes.

Given the growing popularity of the Strider bike to help young children with their balance, the Strider bike company had no other choice to innovate with the Strider 14 " in the years 2015 because still too many children too big for the Strider 12" had balance issues.

Today the Strider product line offers 2 sizes. The 12" Strider bike for children aged 18 months to 5 years. The 14" Strider bike for children aged 3 to 7 years.

The only Strider bike possible to have a bottom bracket conversion is the 14" Strider.

Strider bike, a company that loves innovation in their product line, also had the brilliant idea of designing a ski kit that was easy to install and safe to transform a Strider bike on wheels into a snow bike to face the winter with joy. Young people love it.

The ski set is offered to you for the Strider 12" and the Strider 14X only.

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