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Balance Bike, Stacyc and Strider Canada

Elevating the Motocross Spirit, One Bike at a Time

For more than two decades, my heart beat to the rhythm of motocross. The passion for two wheels and the determination to create an unforgettable experience have been the driving forces of my entrepreneurial journey. But more than anything, my connection with young people and my commitment to customer service have formed the pillars of my adventure.

My history with motocross began over 20 years ago, a deep love for roaring engines and pure adrenaline quickly captivated me. After years of experience in the industry, I decided to share my passion by creating a company that would combine my knowledge of online sales, management and motocross. I helped Xtown Motocross in Mirabel by offering a Pro-Shop for 6 years and ran the MXPN motocross park for 4 years, a period that shaped my understanding of the needs of motocross enthusiasts.

The experience has shaped my core values: an exceptional focus on customer service and a burning passion for helping young people enter the world of motocross safely. It is with these values in mind that I embarked on a new adventure - BalanceBike.ca. Our mission is to promote and provide a high-level experience to all motocross enthusiasts.

The road to creating BalanceBike.ca was not without pitfalls. With a mixture of pride and sadness, I had to close the gates to the MXPN motocross park. However, this move opened an exciting new door to offer something truly unique. The BalanceBike.ca site is much more than just an online store; it is a showcase for exceptional products that I firmly believe. For over 10 years we have been advocates of Strider bikes and in the last 4 years Stacyc bikes have also joined our ranks. For me, they represent the quintessence of learning bikes, a solid foundation for future champions.

Our vision for BalanceBike.ca doesn't end there. Our online platform allows us to present our products to you in a dynamic way, but we also aspire to be in the field. Test days across Canada are in sight, allowing us to share the joy of motocross directly with enthusiasts.

As an entrepreneur, I am committed to providing a service that exceeds all your expectations. At BalanceBike.ca, every interaction counts. We're here to answer your questions, guide your choices, and support you on your motocross journey. Our story has only just begun, and we can't wait to share every step with you, fellow motocross enthusiasts.

Join us in elevating the spirit of motocross, one bike at a time.

Your motocross enthusiast,

Founder, BalanceBike.ca

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