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Strider Bike 20X Crankset

Strider Bike 20X Crankset

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Strider Bike 20X Crankset

Looking for the perfect accessory to turn your Strider 20X Sport (sold separately) into a pedaling machine once your young rider has mastered the art of balance? You are in the right place!

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This 4-bolt bottom bracket kit is designed to attach to the Strider 20X Sport and will allow you to evolve the small bike into a true racing beast.

But be careful, make no mistake, this is a different pedal kit than the one that attaches to the 14X. We like to keep things exciting with a little variety!

We've all heard that some people with cognitive, developmental, or physical challenges would probably never be able to ride a bike. But the truth is, they just didn't have the right tool. That's why we created the 20X Sport - so that all children can enjoy the joys of cycling, whatever the obstacles.

With our Strider 20X Crankset, you have everything you need to develop the bike with your child. Get ready for unforgettable cycling adventures, because the big pedal strokes start here. Long live the freedom of pedaling!

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