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Strider Bike 20X Edition

Strider Bike 20X Edition

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You've probably heard the saying that people with cognitive, developmental or physical challenges will probably never be able to enjoy the joys of cycling. Well, think again! The truth is, they just didn't have the right tool. That's why our brilliant minds developed the Strider 20X Sport.

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The Strider 20X Sport is more than just a bike, it's an invitation to adventure, a gateway to freedom on two wheels, from age 8 to adulthood. Our Strider scientists spent so many nights in their top secret lab perfecting this gem that even James Bond would be jealous. And guess what? The Strider 20X Sport features a “crazy amount of adjustability”! It adjusts to many sizes, as if each fit is magically tailor-made.

Imagine that: a low step-over height for a low center of gravity, i.e. maximum stability to learn balance first. And of course the bike is equipped with double drum hand brakes and a kickstand, because we know that great adventures start with a good start.

Cycling is a life-changing skill, and now it's within everyone's reach with the Strider 20X Sport. And when your budding rider masters the art of balance, they can take it to the next level with our 4-Bolt Pedal Kit (sold separately). Mind you, this is a different pedal kit than the one for the Strider 14X, because we like to keep things interesting!

The pedal set is available as an option (sold separately: PEDAL Bracket KIT), so get ready for hilarious adventures and epic rides. The Strider 20X Sport is the ideal tool for pedaling to infinity and beyond, at any age! 🚴‍♂️💨

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