Finally the New Stacyc Bike 20eDrive - Balance Bike

Finally the New Stacyc Bike 20eDrive

Finally the New Stacyc Bike 20eDrive

We had the chance to try the brand new Stacyc bike 20" during the Montreal Motorcycle Show Editions 2023 and we were surprised by its power.

Get ready to shred, because the new 20eDRIVE is here!

The 20eDRIVE is the perfect bike for 10-12 year olds looking to define their own ride.

Equipped with a 36v motor, Manitou J-Unit front fork and the new 19mm diameter handlebar, the STACYC 20eDRIVE is ready to unlock endless adventures for your ripper!

Fitted with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with precise adjustable levers and comes with a conventional black STACYC aesthetic.

The advantages of riding with a STACYC 20eDrive are numerous.

Firstly, it offers a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline-powered motorcycles. It produces no harmful emissions and does not require expensive fuel.

The motorcycle is easy for kids to use and control, allowing them to improve their coordination, balance and confidence while having fun.

The three riding modes allow children to gradually adapt to the speed and handling of the motorcycle, making the riding experience safer and more enjoyable.

The motorcycle is built to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions, making it a durable and cost-effective choice for parents.

Finally, the STACYC 20eDrive is a great way to encourage children to spend more time outdoors and discover the world around them while having fun.


Nouveau Stacyc 20eDrive - Balance Bike


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