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Strider Bike Storage Base

Strider Bike Storage Base

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Strider Bike Storage Base

Ready to give your 12" Strider a well-deserved break after an epic day of riding? Meet the superhero of stability: the 12" Strider Storage Base. Because after a day of conquering the streets, even bikes need their own throne.

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Imagine this: your Strider 12", this champion of adventures, finds himself standing tall and proud thanks to the Strider 12" Storage Base. It's like your bike saying, "After every heroic ride, I deserve a moment of standing pride!"

The Strider 12" Storage Base is the accessory that does exactly what its name promises: keeping your bike upright and ready to impress, even after the most daring adventures. Imagine putting your bike in a position worthy of a movie star posing for the paparazzi – it's as if every moment of rest is a chance to shine.

And guess what? We like to make things super easy for our customers. The Strider Storage Base accommodates a variety of tire widths – it's as if it's ready to accommodate all types of tires with the same welcoming smile.

But wait, that's not all! The Strider 12" Storage Base is a faithful friend to many Strider models. It goes great with the Strider Classic, Sport, Pro and even the Strider 14X – it's like everyone's confidante two-wheeled heroes.

So, are you ready to give your 12" Strider a proud standing position after every adventure? Check out the 12" Strider Storage Base and get ready for some restful moments fit for a king. Because, let's be honest, even bikes dream of standing up gracefully – especially when they have a base supporting them!

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