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Stacyc Bike 4AH Battery 12-16eDrive

Stacyc Bike 4AH Battery 12-16eDrive

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Stacyc Bike 4AH Battery 12-16eDrive, Stacyc Canada

Maximize on-the-go fun time with the 20VMAX Stacyc 4AH Battery. By adding a second battery to your Stacyc bike 4AH, you extend your "RUN/FUN" adventure without interruption.

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This innovative battery is perfectly compatible with Stacyc 12" and Stacyc 16" bikes, seamlessly integrating into existing charging systems. Designed with industrial-grade expertise, the 20VMAX Stacyc 4AH Battery combines sleek lightness with industry-leading performance.

Manufactured in Li-Ion technology, this battery has exclusive internal coatings, guaranteeing exceptional durability and constant power. Give your Stacyc bike new life with this sophisticated battery that turns every ride into a thrilling experience.

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