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Strider Bike 12" Handlebar

Strider Bike 12" Handlebar

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Strider Bike 12" Handlebar

Ready to give your 12" Strider a new direction, or rather, a new bend? Discover the options that will turn every turn into a festival of style: the Handlebars for 12" Strider. Because even handlebars deserve to shine like movie stars!

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Picture this: Your 12" Strider, the hero of two-wheeled adventures, is offered a choice between two handlebar destinies. It's as if your bike is saying, "New handlebars, new era of cornering!" – it's almost ready to wear sunglasses and shout "Action!".

Looking for the perfect symphony between handlebars and adventure? You're spoiled for choice with two epic designs. First of all, the basic standard 12" Strider Handlebar, the faithful companion of the basic model offered, with its small grips that are like shooting stars in the sky of the handlebars.

But wait, there's more! Introducing the XL Handlebar Extension, the one that adds a touch of extravagance at every turn. Imagine yourself turning around the corner with an increased width of 3 cm, a height raised of 4 cm and a projection of 5 cm. It's as if each bend becomes an impressionistic tableau of style and audacity.

And for the final nod, the XL Handlebar Extension is reserved for the Classic and Sport models – it's as if we've saved the best for the crème de la crème of adventurers. It feels like the choice of the century, the one that makes your bike shine like the spotlight on a superstar.

So, are you ready to take your 12" Strider to a whole new level of steering? Check out the 12" Strider Handlebars and get ready for some Hollywood-style turns. Because, let's be honest, even handlebars want to grow fenders – or at least grips!

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