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Stacyc Bike Extended Footrest

Stacyc Bike Extended Footrest

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Refinement and Comfort: Discover our Stacyc bike Extended Foot Pegs, an elegant solution to meet the growing needs of your young rider while adding a touch of distinctive style.

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When your little rider outgrows the original STACYC bike Foot pegs, it's time to take it to the next level. Our extended footrests are more than just an upgrade; they are a statement of sophistication and performance.

Precision manufactured using CNC technology from solid aluminum and finished with hard anodizing, our elongated footrests are designed to provide exceptional durability and a polished aesthetic. Their elongated design provides more room and support for your young rider, resulting in better balance and a more confident riding experience.

The Stacyc bike Extended Footrest Kit is easily installed on the Stacyc bike 12" and Stacyc bike 16" models. You can choose from 4 stylish colors to personalize your bike's style and add a touch of distinction to every ride.

Please note that these extended Foot pegs are not compatible with the 18" and 20" Stacyc bike models, but are specifically designed to give your young rider an exceptional riding experience on the 12" and 16" Stacyc bike models.

Give your budding rider added comfort and a refined aesthetic with our Stacyc bike Extended Foot Pegs. Give him the confidence to explore new terrain while adding a touch of elegance to his bike.

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