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Stacyc Bike Throttle Control 19mm 12-16eDrive

Stacyc Bike Throttle Control 19mm 12-16eDrive

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Stacyc Bike Throttle Control 19mm 12-16eDrive

Stacyc Bike NEW 19mm Throttle Control: The Essential Control Element for Safe Driving.

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When it comes to the safety of your young rider, every detail counts. Give yourself peace of mind with our Stacyc 19mm Throttle Control, designed for precise and safe use on Stacyc bike electric balance bikes.

This replacement throttle control is an essential part of keeping your child safe while driving. Compatible only with Stacyc 12" and 16" bikes fitted with the new 19mm handlebars, it provides smooth and controlled gear handling, ensuring a safe riding experience.

We understand the importance of reliability in replacement parts, especially when it comes to your child's safety. Our Stacyc Throttle Control is manufactured to strict quality standards to ensure it works properly. By ensuring that the throttle control disengages properly, we help prevent dangerous situations and keep your young rider protected.

Rest assured that our Stacyc 19mm Throttle Control has been carefully designed to meet the specific needs of 12" and 16" Stacyc bikes with the 19mm handlebar. Your child can thus enjoy driving in complete safety and with timeless elegance, knowing that it is equipped with reliable and functional controls. Your priority is your child's safety, and our Stacyc throttle control makes it ours too.

Does NOT fit 12" and 16" with the 25.4mm (7/8") handlebar installed and also does NOT fit Stacyc 18" and 20".

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