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Stacyc Bike 19mm Handlebar Riser 12-16eDrive

Stacyc Bike 19mm Handlebar Riser 12-16eDrive

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Stacyc Bike 19mm Handlebar Riser 12-16eDrive

Elevate the comfort and control of your young rider with the Stacyc bike 19mm Handlebar Riser, an optimal solution for an even more enjoyable and high-performance riding style. Designed specifically for standard and/or special Edition Stacyc 12" and Stacyc 16" bikes. This riser increases bar height by 6.1cm (2.4"), thanks to the reduced diameter mini bar .Give your child a more comfortable riding position and increased grip on the bars.

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The 19mm mini bar offers a 28% reduced grip diameter compared to the original STACYC grips. This feature allows young riders to fully grip the handlebars, providing more comfort and control. The dimensions of the handlebars are carefully studied: width of 584 mm, height of 105 mm, sweep of 24 mm and clamping diameter of 22.5 mm.

The set includes the STACYC brand 4" mini-bar, a stem of your choice of color, a head tube spacer, and an extended brake cable to adjust to the new height. Please note that for a successful installation the following items are required and not included: 19mm Throttle Assembly with STACYC 19mm Grips, Bar End Plugs and Brake Perch Shim.

If your bike is not equipped with this new 19mm control model, please order the 19MM Throttle Control Kit #420031 which provides you with the installation necessary to make the complete conversion of the riser and the new 19mm handlebar. By ordering the set from, we will even offer you FREE the 19mm brake perch shim which is essential for putting the brake control back on the new handlebars.

It is important to remember that the maximum recommended weight for Stacyc 12" and 16" bikes is 75 lbs. Please note that these kits are not designed to create pit bikes for big kids or adults. Enjoy an enhanced driving experience, combining elegance and performance, with the choice of three colors available.

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