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Balance Bike Strider Canada Premium Edition

Balance Bike Strider Canada Premium Edition

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The #1 choice for balance bikes in Canada, Strider Bike Premium Edition

Immerse yourself in the world of adrenaline and balance with the Strider Bike Premium Edition. Specially designed for future champions aged 18 months to 5 years, this pedal-free bike redefines the word "premium" while providing hours of educational fun.

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Free Super Hero Cape with the purchase of the Strider Bike Premium.

Stacyc Bike - Balance Bike - Strider Bike

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Learn to Stride a Strider 12" (PDF 15.91mb)

Let me introduce you to the prodigy of speed: the Strider Bike Premium Edition 12". This ultralight machine, designed for young speed enthusiasts, is your ticket to thrills worthy of a roller coaster. With an aluminum frame that appears to defy gravity at just 2.54 kg (5.6 lbs), performance-tuned foot pegs and a certified Strider license plate, your little tornado will leave other kids in the park stunned.

The Strider Bike Premium Edition not only turns heads, it also offers the choice between 3 legendary shades: the Strider Pro Silver, worthy of a silver medal, the Strider Pro Black, the undisputed king of road and the New Strider Pro Tangerine which will not go unnoticed in the parks.

With an adjustable seat height ranging from 28 to 48 cm (11 to 19 in) and an optimal inseam of 30 to 51 cm (12 to 20 in), the Strider 12 Pro adapts perfectly to your growing little one. prodigy.

And guess what? You can add a touch of personalization with our Special Edition sticker set. Because after all, if you can personalize your morning coffee, why not pimp up your mini-rider's bike?

Don't let balance and speed be the preserve of the grown-ups. With the Strider Bike Premium Edition, your children will discover the thrill of freedom and the fun of learning in complete safety. Ready to give your little champ an experience he'll never forget? Hold on tight, because these first steps without pedals could well be the start of a great epic.

Add the Strider Premium Edition Bike to your cart today and give your kids a limitless adventure.

Don't forget our 30-day Satisfaction Policy.

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