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Strider Bike 12" Bench Clamp

Strider Bike 12" Bench Clamp

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Strider Bike 12" Bench Clamp

Ready to give a little touch of magic to your 12" Strider? Here is the accessory that plays Cupids between your bench and your bike: the 12" Strider Bench Attachment. Because even benches and bicycles deserve to fall in love!

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Picture this: your 12" Strider, that balancing prodigy, and your bench, that lifelong seat companion, come together with a clip that defies the laws of gravity. It's as if your bike said: "With this attachment, the bench and I, it's a perfect match!".

Ready to turn your bench into the ultimate playmate for your Strider? The Strider 12" Bench Attachment is the secret link between comfort and adventure, between seating and conquering the streets. And the best part? You don't have to be a mechanical whiz to make it work –  It's as if even a learned parrot could do it by snapping its feathers.

But that's not all! This attachment is the star of quick makeovers. Adjusting the seat or handlebars without tools is like an instant magic trick. Imagine making adjustments as quickly as a magician casts a spell – abracadabra, the seat is perfectly adjusted!

So, are you ready to create an alliance between your bench and your 12" Strider? Discover the Strider 12" Bench Attachment and get ready for a marriage of comfort and functionality. Because, let's be honest, even benchers want to get into two-wheeled adventure – especially when it's with a Strider!

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